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(si deet ez) GREEK
"born in Sida (a town in Asia Minor)"

Antiochus VII was the second son of Demetrius I Soter and the brother of Demetrius II Nicator, whom he succeeded as ruler of Syria in 138 B.C. when Demetrius was captured by the Parthians. Antiochus attempted to overthrow the general Trypho's hold on Palestine by granting concessions to the Jewish leader Simon. Once he had blockaded Trypho, he revoked the privileges, then had Simon killed for resistance.

Antiochus VII himself led forces into Jerusalem - then held by Simon's son, the high priest John Hyrcanus - to restore control. He besieged Hyrcanus at Jerusalem for an entire year, and in 134 razed the city walls, demanded heavy tribute, took hostages among the leading families, and disarmed the Jewish forces. Again he granted the Jews religious freedom, this time with only nominal but stable Seleucid control.

In 129 B.C. Antiochus VII was killed in battle with the Parthians, who were still holding his brother Demetrius II prisoner.

{E2 Dictionary of Biblical People}

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