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It's been a long time since I noded, although I can't remember living through a week with more to talk about. Somehow it all evaporates when i think of translating it into ascii.
I want a plasma antenna to absorb the good will of everythingians. I just don't feel like explaining why I need it, and I know that if I did you would come through for me. As I would for you.
I want to easily transfer some good Karma to Theonomist, who clowned brilliantly, and who reminded me of how fifth graders feel. I don't have the energy to build a karma transmitter, though.

people invent stories about god and justice to save them the trouble involved in transmitting karma manually. "god will take care of it." "He'll get his reward in heaven." "People get what they deserve." "Things have a way of working out." or even, "I'll get around to it...someday." You need to feed beauty. That is, reinforce the connections in the part of the neural net you want to grow. That is, reward kids for doing well. That is, beautify your own neighborhood if you want to see it get beautiful. that is, tell your lover you love them even when you don't feel like telling them, so that you can feel like telling them. that is, build the karma transmitter. End_Rant.

Who is jeff magnus, and would I like him if I met him in person?

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