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I'm very angry right now. Too angry to speak clearly, but my fingers appear to be working fine. Typing is sort of soothing, but if I stop I just get angry again.

I locked myself out of the house early this morning, but since I was taking the bus to school and had all my supplies with me, I didn't really care too much. It was sunny and bright and very warm, so it didn't bother me that I also had decided not to bring a jacket.

As some of you might know, it was my birthday recently, and normally what happens when my brother or I have a birthday is that our parents take us out to eat. Since my brother wouldn't be able to eat with us on Tuesday, my mother suggested we move the day. I said okay, said I wanted sushi, and then thought nothing of it.

Today was the day my mother moved the dinner to, but for whatever reason didn't tell me that. I, for whatever reason, assumed it would be Friday.

The problem with Thursday is that I have an anime club officers' meeting to go to around 5:00 and these usually run until 7:00ish. My parents started waiting at six for me to come home and of course I did not because nobody told me I was supposed to. They waited until about 7:04 and then decided to leave without me.

When I got home at about 7:10, I didn't think there was a problem because my brother's car was sitting outside. I thanked my ride and waved her off... and then found I was locked out. Since it was no longer bright and sunny, but windy and sunset-esk this quickly became a problem.

So, basically, I was stuck outside for about an hour because they decided to go to my birthday dinner without me. What really bothers me is that none of them seems to understand why this bothers me so much. "We brought sushi back for you..." they say.

And I say fuck all of them.

My cousin has been staying with me for the past two weeks. She lives in Dubai and was here in London to do a revision course for her A-levels. Today was her last day before she goes home.

She used to live here, ten minutes away from my house. I grew up with her; we are the same age, and we got on like a house on fire. When she moved away, I was sad, but I saw her most school holidays. She loves coming to London because she loves the culture, the nightlife, and she's got lots of friends kicking around. I'm leaving the country next year.

I met her for lunch today in South Kensington. She was with some of her friends, and we barely spoke. She sat, and smoked a cigarette, and I took a photograph of her to remind myself of this person I know. Just in case I don't see her for a while.

Today was a good day - a nice pleasant Friday with not much schoolwork. A few days ago I found a very nice leather jacket at a thrift store; I wore it to school the next day. One of my friends said "That jacket would be perfect for a greaser" which I took as a challenge, so this morning I decided to gel back my normal 4" long afro and wear a stereotypical greaser outfit - black leather jacket, tight white shirt to show off what few muscles I have (tucked in, o'course,) blue jeans, and a black leather belt.

Let me give you some good advice: If you are male, and have any friends at all, there is no way to have a bad day while looking, as another friend put it, "like you should burst into a song with swooning girls and backup greasers at any moment." The day went damn near perfectly; teachers were literally so shocked at the outfit that they forgot to give me work, and I actually had two teachers not recognize me at all.

All in all, a great day.

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