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The Aquadome was an abandoned water treatment plant in the middle of miles of empty space outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Until it was demolished in 1998, it was reportedly frequented by Satanists and the KKK. Because of these rumors, it was also a popular destination for bored teenagers seeking to scare the shit out of themselves.

I first heard of the Aquadome in 1996 during my freshman year at Webster University from a dear friend of mine who had been there. The inside was covered with satanic graffiti, quotes from the satanic bible, charred remains from animal sacrifices, and a giant bullseye drawn on the parking lot below one of its towers, where numerous people jumped to their deaths.

Somewhere on the entrance level there is graffiti directing you up, to "heaven", or down, to "hell". Who knows where they actually led. The place was scary because it had very few windows and no power. It was just a huge black cube silhouetted against the Missouri sky, and endless trees. Views from the tower would allow anyone who was there at the time to see anyone approaching by car. So if you were to drive there at night, with your headlights on, or even off, and people are there, they will know you are coming.

But besides that, it was a just a dangerous, decaying building that was full of deep shafts and holes, and being a windowless concrete cube tends to make a place very dark, so if you're not careful you fall into a fifty foot pit, with no one around for miles to hear you.

The St. louis Post Dispatch reported on the demolition of the aquadome in 1998, citing the reasons as being that it was a dangerous decaying building, and that the police said there had been numerous rapes and other violent crimes commited there.

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