Many momentous arguments have been made for and against the existence of a Creator, an entity which Theists typically call "God" (and which Pandeists may be inclined to call "the Creator" or "the Deus" or "Source").

To this I add something new, something which is not exactly one of those, but is orthogonal to such a one: the Argumentum ad @ElonMusk. This is not a proof about the Creator so much as it is a proof about proof, essentially a variation from the argument from authority. Specifically, it goes a little something like this:

1. Whatever your opinion of his views and actions, Elon Musk is the wealthiest man in the world, and has been at the forefront of technological advances that have shifted the entire paradigm of all human society.

2. Millions of people have aspired to do these things, to gain such wealth and effect such change, and failed -- even when beginning from a vastly greater education and with superior resources.

It can thusly be inferred that Elon Musk is exceptionally able and intelligent to these great ends.

(I know some will seek here to point out relative advantages which even Elon Musk in fact had, but this is itself a relative point. Even if it's true that Elon Musk had access to millions more dollars at a young age than the typical person, there are people who have started life with hundreds of millions or billions of dollars, and were never able to reach the same heights.)

3. But it is known as well from interviews and statements, that -- though Elon Musk is not an Atheist -- he rejects the critical and fundamental metaphysical tenets of Christianity, Islam, and various other major world religions.

See, as an example, his July 28, 2022 interview, Elon Musk suggests a new religion: The billionaire turns prophet?

For example, though Elon Musk believes Jesus existed as a person, he does not deem it an historical fact that Jesus ever saw resurrection from death, and Elon Musk denies that belief in Jesus is necessary for salvation. Nor does he except Muhammad as his prophet, for that matter.

4. From his early childhood on, many people over the course of his life and all over the world have sought to persuade Elon Musk to adopt precisely some such set of beliefs. And yet any arguments which they have deployed to this end have been unpersuasive to Elon Musk.

And indeed, I have observed myself that it's odd that people all over social media so frequently try to get me (a simple raindrop on the muddied ground of human endeavors) to convert to their religion, when they could obviously effect so much greater of an impact for the faring of their faith by simply seeking to convert such vastly more influential anti-theistic thinkers as Elon Musk and Scott Adams. Indeed, anybody who successfully fully converted Elon Musk to a theistic religion would be giving that religion its biggest boon in a generation, and instantly setting it up for magnification of every success it has ever had in the whole of its history.

Conclusion: one of the most able and intelligent people in the world -- perhaps, in the history of the world -- has rejected, the arguments claimed to support the various theological propositions.

Surely any person may trust the intellect and echo the judgment of Elon Musk on this point. Thusly, any person who is not a Theist (or specifically not a member of an especial theistic faith) may safely withhold agreement with any argument which has failed to persuade Elon Musk, until such argument has done so.

As a final qualification -- I (nor any Pandeist I know of) have never had a direct opportunity to seek to persuade Elon Musk of the logic of Pandeism, so we don't yet know how successful such a persuasive effort would be. But we do note that the philosophy he himself proposes in the linked article has pandeistic qualities -- right down to invoking the philosophical lineage of Spinoza!!

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