No water or earth could put them out, and they'll consume all the air around them. Hell, just look at P-I.

(March 21st to April 20th)
The Ram
Colours: Bright primary colours, particulary scarlet and yellow. Red is the colour of Mars, ruler of Aries.
Stones: diamonds, garnets and bloodstones.
Metals: iron and steel.
Trees: All thorn bearing trees and shrubs
Flowers: daffodils, tulips, honeysuckle.
Countries: England, France, Germany, Poland.
Cities: Naples, Florence, Birmingham.

the ram

   .-.   .-.
  (_  \ /  _)

quality: cardinal
element: fire
ruled by: mars
The first sign in Western Astrology. A Cardinal sign, a fire sign, a masculine sign, an emotional sign. The great doers of the zodiac, incredibly strong-willed, driven people. Used to having their way, and if negotiations are not possible, make it so they have their way. Undaunted by obstacles, somewhat hard headed when it comes to seeing their opposition's point of view. Valiant, pompous, quick-witted, stubborn, impatient, big hearted.

Their colors are orange and purple, their stone is the diamond, their herb is ginger. They rule the face and the head, very commonly break their noses early in their youth. Ruled by the planet Mars, what else? Rule the The Emperor tarot card. Most well known leader in history: Alexander the Great.

A"ri*es, n. [L.]

1. Astron. (a)

The Ram; the first of the twelve signs in the zodiac, which the sun enters at the vernal equinox, about the 21st of March.


A constellation west of Taurus, drawn on the celestial globe in the figure of a ram.

2. Rom. Antiq.

A battering-ram.


© Webster 1913.

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