Over the years the Arsim have taken many vehicles as their own, each according to his financial status.

  • 1980s Subarus a.k.a. Auto Pesha (Crime Car)
  • Early 1990s Honda Civics a.k.a. Honda Shpitz (Pointy Honda)
  • Almost any BMW, especially the Z-3 for those with the means. (Beh Em Ve)

Almost any vehicle can be converted into an “ArsMobile” rather easily:

  • Tinted Windows
  • Sound-system worth more than the car. Amp and ‘Bazookasub-woofer installed in the trunk. Sound-system must ALWAYS be on at near full volume playing Trance Music or Mizrachit. (Exception: When system is being displayed to a fellow Ars it is turned off so discussion of the especially low price it was bought for ('Kombina') can be made.)
  • Ultraviolet fluorescent lights installed under the car’s body.
  • White stickers on the back window of either the audio manufacturer or a girl’s name.
  • An Audio CD or good luck charm hung on the rear view mirror.
  • White front seat covers that look suspiciously like wifebeaters with cartoon ducks on them.

Driving an Ars mobile is an art in itself consisting of ‘Firfurim’ (Burning Rubber) at every light, running the occasional red light, especially after stopping for it first. Moving from lane to lane with total disregard to other traffic. Driving exceptionally fast everywhere EXCEPT near beaches and club areas.

The driver should have the seat back as far as possible and be sitting at a 45-degree angle (or lower if possible) Sunglasses should always be worn while driving, especially on Friday night.

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