SelFIra-Core Artificial Souls

Artificial Soul+ 
(0.01 µm chip)
now for sale!

The SelFIra-Core® uses the third version of the XF Nanic 8500 processor available on the market. So far, there have been two different SelFIra chips based on the Nagictech core — both with a 976 TB cache. The new XF Nanic 8500 is made using superconductor technology, utilizes a 2 mV unit, and only consumes up to 0.54 dW of power.

Considering the fact that the vast majority of people using products other than Nagictech's may experience fainting during moments of intense memory formation, memory "black-box" users should definitely keep an eye on the new SelFIra-Core® Artificial Soul+ which has extra safeguards built it.

The SelFIra-Core® Artificial Soul+ safely stores and back-ups all memories and experiences of the user, a modern technological miracle. This organic chip has over half a million soft-logic connections, each of which can effectively store up to fifty zettabytes, and each assocation interacts with others to form the network necessary to flawlessly record objective and subjective impressions.

Nagictech Industries ensures that this top-of-the-line SelFIra-Core® will outlast the competitors with an internal battery back-up, and doesn't just run on bioelectromagnetism. Additionally, SelFIra-Core® is non-toxic, shock-resistant, biodegradable, and is wirelessly shielded.

Our Artificial Souls meet all the requirements of the nation's leading manufacturers including Toshiba, Intel and Monsanto and are safe for import to other countries. They go on sale in Delhi this weekend, but we've offered 800 of our stock for sale online. Get one while supplies last!

Never forget anything again!

Infinitely review a lifetime in only a few minutes of daydreaming! Why risk losing your Artificial Soul at the moment of passing with other products, when you can have a SelFIra-Core? We guarantee upload to the Mhisvan Gate Nexus, voluntarily activated at the moment of termination.

Sale! was $1899 now $1599!


Money back guarantee. The SelFIra-Core® is not currently available in countries where prohibited and is incompatible with the Second Afterlife and Virtual Heaven databases.

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