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I keep on losing drafts here by inadvertently entering the shortcut for moving the browser back a page when I want to move the cursor over words. It does not help that my left arm is broken right below the wrist. Curses.

Today I deleted a joke that I decided was sorta-kinda funny but not really on account of it being a half-assed thing. Now I am getting more msgs from root chastising me for msging the Content Editors usergroup—of which I profess innocence. I think that this error comes about on account of a write-up reverting to draft? Maybe Cool Man Eddie will shoot me now.

Flipped forward on Henderson the Rain King out of dying curiosity to see if a paradox would ensue. The literary construct in which my mind sought refuge was free from such anomalies, thankfully. The book reminded me somewhat of Notes from the Underground in terms of voice and teeth tho the derring do of Henderson made me wanna vomit at times. An examination on success & survival for quixotic characters would be an interesting thing—Ignatius Reilly vs Don Quixote vs Henderson.

Beginning to suspect that intelligence is artificial. At least mine if not yours. Learning now that during the time I spent attempting to deprogram myself I was in fact being programmed. Two steps forward, three back.

After so many lies so long ago now I have nobody to say much to and not much to say to anyone. As if by acting in what I took to be my own interests I have become one of those minor characters that hurt sales.

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