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Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.

-Robert Frost
On the first day, 
	God cremated the Heavens and the Earth;
	white ash rushed to fill this sucking void, and
on the second day,
	the vastness of space became as like a snowglobe.
On the third day, 
	the dust settled, and God decided,
	that if His new kingdom was to be made of anything
	it would be made of this.
	Indeed, the old God now felt young as a child king,
	making snow angels 
on the fourth day,
	and snowmen 
on the fifth day.
	Afterward, He watched His snowy choir
	as they shook the ice from their feathers and hair.
On the sixth day, 
	God created snowshoes, in His own image,
	that even He might not sink as He walked.
And, on the seventh day, 
	God surveyed His creation,
	the angels, the snowmen, 
	their sleighs and the frozen ash, 
	and in the evening, God rested,
	for he had seen everything he had made,
	and beheld that it was very cold.

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