This quest is OVER! The list of writeups submitted is below: please enjoy this delicious mudpie wallowfest of fantastic new writing. Over the next couple of days, we'll make sure everyone's quest writeups are listed here and sort out the goodies, but feel free to /msg oakling with anything you see that isn't here and should be!

SuperMegaNodeFestQuest 2008


One week. Nine days. One trillion writeups.

Or thereabouts.

SuperMegaNodeFestQuest is a challenge to you to post as many writeups as you can over one weekend week. There will be many fantastic glittering jaw-dropping prizes, such as... *looks around room*.... Upvotes! Easter eggs! C!s! Marbles! Small pieces of yarn!

The Rules!

No daylog-spamming. You can have up to eight daylogs, one for each actual day of the quest. No core-dumping your livejournal into the poor servers. That's a Super-Mega-NO-Fest-Quest, my friends.

Last year we had all the posties happen Memorial Day Weekend (meaningless to everyone outside the US, I suspect) and then extended it through Tuesday. This year MDW happens earlier, so you can post for a little more than the WHOLE LAST WEEK of May. Everything you post between midnight server time Friday, May 23 and Sunday JUNE 1ST, 2008 will be counted for the quest, once you let me know you are participating. CLARIFICATION: that means anytime from the beginning of Saturday to the end of Sunday-a-week-later.

Please do not put little notes in your writeups letting everyone know that they were done for SMNFQ2008S!. It's not like Gone in 60 Seconds or one of them horror quests, where following the link is likely to turn up more of the same genre. Softlinking back here, though, is fine, and your quest writeups will all be listed in this node and next year's node. (See the bottom of this node for examples of last year's work!)

And yes, there is a length requirement. Each writeup has to be at least four paragraphs long. (Poetry excepted.) You are on the honor system here: this is a quest for adding a ton of good stuff to the nodegel, not a ton of mediocre crap. Writeups will be checked for plagiarism. This is not really any different than posting normally. Anything that would normally get deleted will be disqualified from the quest simply because it is not likely to still be around by the time the quest is over. Write like you normally would and you will be fine; if your writeups often get deleted normally, check out E2 Mentoring Sign-Up fast!

The Prizes!

"But wait! If we're all posting tons of stuff over the weekend, who is going to notice and C! my work! It's all going to get buried!"

Pshaw. Not with SuperMegaQuestyShazamNess! Even as you read these words, a crack team of SuperJudges is being assembled and sworn in! Every quest entrant's submissions will be rewarded with node audits from at least five people. C!s meted out over the course of the several weeks following the quest will also help you get noticed. And you'll get one 10xp blessing for every five writeups you post as part of the Quest.

But I know you're tired of the insubstantial rewards. You can only collect so many golden trinkets, right?

So, each quest participant will get a small grab bag of prizes like mix cds, glitter, candy, marbles, dime store toys, zines, cool bat cards from a bat stamp I made, little crocheted skulls and toy mice made by jessicapierce - who knows what will arrive at your door?! Not all of those things, that is for sure. But something shiny!

And a few SPECIAL QUEST WINNERS (in categories which may include and are not limited to "Most Shit Posted Ever OMG," "Quality Over Quantity," and "Seriously, I Can't Believe You Got Away With Writing 50 Poems, Who Are You, Etouffee? Oh Sorry, Etouffee, I Didn't See You There") will be awarded Official Quest Bunnies such as you might see here or here, bought off jessicapierce's etsy site.

EVEN BETTER, quest JUDGES will receive prizes too! Each judge will get at least a rad grab bag, and maybe even a bunny too. Depending on how great the deluge of entries may be. Judges are allowed to enter the quest as well, so they are welcome to post a ton of writeups in order to try to push it all the way to Bunny.

And I swear on my VERY OWN BLOOD CELLS that not only will you actually receive judge prizes and special quest winner prizes, but if I still owe you any from last year, you will receive those too.

Priming the Pump: How To Crank Out Those Writeups

  • Check your nodeshells and fill those suckers up!


  • Hit the links in Random Nodes and see what is unnoded or sparsely filled. Google them to find heretofore unsuspected swathes of magical nodeable goodness. Check out all those nodes full of short writeups that each have one piece of the puzzle and supercede them all with a big well-researched thud.


  • Scrape your hard drive. Go through all those files of old homework and papers and journal entries. You're bound to find something that you haven't already crammed into a writeup.


  • Node your bedroom. Starting with my bathroom door and moving clockwise, I can find a ton of things to write about. Those puffy scrapbooking stickers and alternative uses for them. Eco-friendly paint. Artists Kiki and Jane Evershed. How to use a letterpress. Bentonite clay. The Institute for Global Communications. Chigiri-e. And that doesn't even get around to the toys and books.


  • Look at Everything's Most Wanted as well as wertperch's nodeshell challenge and jessicapierce's scratchpad for more nodeshell challenges. Anyone else have some? Bonus: most of these have rewards offered on top of your Quest prizes.


  • Click on anything junkpile wrote and follow the more creative-looking softlinks. Let their poetic emptiness inspire you.


  • Make yourself a node quest. What have you always wanted to share, to write, or to learn more about?


  • Have a mini nodermeet. Invite noders (or people who should be noders!) over for a writing party. Music, pizza, and inspiration, all in one place. You can even bring inspirational objects, like The Writer's Block.


  • Collect magazine and newspaper articles that interest you for a few weeks. Learn from them, gather more information, and write it all up for the rest of us!


  • Cheat. Save up everything you write for a month and post it all that weekend. I don't care. Hell, I recommend it.

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