No SERIOUSLY! Spoilers to follow...don't read this unless you've seen the movie

Vader really was his father.

Rosebud was the name of a sled.

Shooter was a character he made up. He was living the character, who was doing some very bad things.

Tyler Durden was his alter ego, he was living out his dreams through this character.

She did not have sex with Dr. Bluhm, as he is gay.

She wakes up but he's already drunk the poison, thinking she was dead. So she stabs herself with a dagger.

They were actually in the 20th century, Covington was secluded deep inside a huge wilderness preserve.

Soylent Green was made from people! PEOPLE!

The ship sinks.

Just when you think the curse might be over, her ex-husband, Ryuji gets visited by Sadako, who crawls out of his TV and frightens him to death.

We never do find out what was in the briefcase.


Roy Neary gets on the space ship at the end.

Dr. Crowe was actually dead the whole time. The kid could communicate with him coz, DUH! He saw dead people.

Who knows? I don't even think the writers knew what is going on!

Kint actually was Keyser Soze all along, it was a perfect act, but he made the whole story that he told Kujan up.

It was earth all along, we'd destroyed ourselves with a nuclear war.

We all learn that it doesn't pay to piss off hillbillies.

You never find out for sure if it was him or not.

Luke and Leia are twins.

The Bedouins win, then lose.

The slaves win, then lose.

She thought maybe he was her boyfriend or something, but it turns out he's the guy she was sent to assassinate. That's a real problem when she confronts him.

He doesn't jump.

After appearing dead (or actually being dead, who knows?), the little fellow comes back to life, and with Elliott's help, he manages to get back home. Some Christian groups had a problem with all the death and resurrection, as that's only appropriate for Jesus, and not a little brown-skinned foreigner.

Price was making all those bad things happen, he wanted to be a supervillain to Dunn's superhero persona.

Norman's mother was dead all along. He suffered a psychotic split wherein he was impersonating her, committing murders in that guise.

Father Karras makes the demon come into him, then leaps from a window, killing himself and effectively eliminating the pesky spirit.

Turns out all the women have been replaced with subservient robots.

Rick makes Ilsa get on the plane with her husband. She'll regret it if she doesn't, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of her life.

Levy catches up with Szell in the sewer, and, after a tense showdown, kills him.

Snake switched the tape, tossing the right one away, and leaving the president with Cabbie's music tape.

They built it on top of an old cemetery... And they moved the headstones and not the graves! No wonder the ghosts were so ticked off!

Just when it looks like Pharaoh's troops have got them for sure, a bit of divine intervention and they get across the Red Sea after all.

She's her sister AND her daughter...yikes. He said he wanted the truth.

Everybody dies!

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