Asian pride is still pretty politically correct, unlike white pride, but give us a few more decades to succeed more and we might well be bunched into the "oppressive majority" faction. Even though we would probably still number less than blacks or Hispanics, Asian pride will end up becoming PC incorrect. We have failed to fail. How ironic. I'm digressing yet again.

Asian pride is a loose term, because each Asian ethnicity is very aware of its own specific regional culture. Especially nationalistic, sometimes to an insane degree, are the Koreans, who seem to think everything Korean is superior. You see these folks sometimes sporting the Korean flag on their backpacks. Interestingly, this is PC correct, despite the sometimes arrogantly superior attitude that these folks display. While it's not OK to even mutter the word white pride.

The Han Chinese are a proud race, and we identify strongly with our 5000 year long history and heritage. An unfortunate consequence is the cultural division between mainland China with Hong Kong and Taiwan, who both think that China sucks. When they have Hong Kong Day or Taiwan Day in Cornell I get pretty ticked off. Hong Kong and Taiwan both have so little heritage, and they're all Han besides!

The Japanese youth seem to me to be horribly ignorant of their own heritage. Maybe I've just been meeting chiggers and not the real Japanese teenagers. Japan has a very rich culture, and I have yet to delve into it. I think I'll do it next summer.

There are more specific sub-cultures in Asian pride, such as Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, etc. It is difficult, even impossible, to bunch it all together into Asian pride. Considering the amount of different European cultures that have fused together to form American culture, I find it difficult to believe how anyone can possibly ashamed to be white, which has played a big part in American history. A proud American, but a shameful white. Doesn't make sense to me.

We Han haven't been exactly a bunch of saints, and yet, we have no qualms celebrating our culture. The lack of political correctness is truly wonderful.

I'm proud being a Han Chinese.

There. If Uberfetus went out in Cornell University and said "I'm proud being white!, may God have mercy on his soul.

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