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another "interactive toy" from fisher-price. i thought i'd seen some weird ideas, right up until they decided to let a near-suicidal donkey give little children advice.

i guess this thing is supposed to be the magic 8 ball of the winnie the pooh universe. according to amazon.com, all you must do is squeeze eeyore's hoof to get one of "20 ho-hum responses." examples include: "go ahead, ask a question... if you want" or "yeah! this is your lucky day." but of course you have to imagine such phrases coming in a deep lethargic drawl. "yeah, kids... today's a good day to kill yourself... remember to slice down, not across..." "i have a question for you, if you think it's not too much trouble. why don't you just let me die?" i should be a toy designer.

listen to amazon try to sell this "plush pal" to the unwitting consumer:

for around thirty dollars you can let this excellent, excellent role model be your child's guide through the most important of decisions. "eeyore, should i burn down the house?" "oh, i suppose so... now leave me alone... i'm going to go swallow this bottle of pills..."

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