E2 is made of people.

Talk. It always comes back to talk, talk coming in fragments and talk in streams and talk with warm warm pressure, pressing in on all over around us. We have lots of water to give each other. We have lots of dreams. Lots of stories. Lifetimes.

(I'm not going to tell you about what we did or where we went because it doesn't really matter, you know. Will not say who was here, because it was not one person, but all of them. Drowning in goodness.)

Guess what color the nodegel is. No, alright, I'll tell you. Clear with opalescent colors, like rainbow. Like hairgel but way less hokey and much more important. We were drowning in it this weekend and HOT DAMN.

So, what am I trying to say? Do not think there are enough words to explain what goodness is about. Do not want to try and limit it to description. Total immersion, that's what. Total absorption. Absolute goodness.

What is best about this sort of goodness is it is one size fits all. No, it is here is a well, take what you want. Of course all parties meetings gatherings are like that, it is always make your own fun or take your own fill. Swim swim drown. This is something that seeped in through my pores, something I needed. What the fuck I am talking about.

Mad mad mad props to Bart for being the person who let us swim in it.

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