One of the Houses of the Landsdraad. Related to the Corrino line. At one time ruled the Caladan with the position of siridar-Duke. Later ruled Arrakis as siridar-Duka until House Atreides rose to the imperial throne through their second most famous son, Paul Muad'dib. Other members of the family include Duke Leto Atreides, God Emperor Leto, Ghanima, Miles Teg, and Darwi Odrade. Lady Jessica and Chani are related by marriage.

Homeworld - The Planet Caladan. Verdant, lush and prosperous as well as mostly water.

Leader - Duke Leto Atredies. Noble, just, diplomatic, and intellegent.

Mentat Master of Assassins - Thufir Hawat. A mentat, or human computer, of the most traditional education.

Military Strengths - Exeptional air force composed of Ornithopters. High quality and good condition of vehicles and structures. Intense loyalty to the Duke. A highly skilled Mentat trainer. And a potential diplomatic alliance with the Fremen warriors.

House Profile - Virtue is clearly on the side of the Atreides. Not as rich as Ordosand Harkonnen, but have ruled Caladan with a generous, noble spirit for 10 generations. The Atreides troops are extremly devoted to the Duke.

House Insignia - The Hawk

House Harkonnen to come later.

The suffix '-ides' in Ancient Greek means 'son of' and this phrase means simple: 'the son of Atreus'.

Atreus was a mythic Greek king, the son of Pelops, who fought with his brother Thyestes and served him a dish made of 49 of his sons (Thyestes' sons that is).

When used in the sigular, this is one of the names of Agamemnon, and he is often referred to as 'Atreides' in the Iliad and other poems, plays etc.

When used in the plural, the Atreidai mean Agamemnon as well as his brother, Menelaus.

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