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Aunt Peg was born Juliet Anderson in Burbank, California on July 23, 1938.

Anderson spent several years teaching English as a second language in Japan, Mexico, Greece and Finland. She left her job at a Finland radio station in 1977 to pursue a "radically different career" in the United States.

Aunt Peg came to the porn industry later in life than most porn actors today. She was 39 when she started and was immediately cast as an "older woman". Her age was initially thought to be to her detriment, but eventually she (and industry producers) found that an "older woman" could be just the thing they needed.

Her porn debut was in the 1977 film "Pretty Peaches", produced by Alex deRenzy. The file was shot at the producer’s home in San Francisco and starred John Leslie and his wife Flower. This film includes Peg’s first taste of lesbian action with co-star Flower. According to Peg she "didn't hesitate and dove in....eating her pussy with genuine enthusiasm".

"Pretty Peaches" is interesting because, being Peg’s first porn experience, she was appalled at the thought that she should switch from scene to scene without experiencing her own orgasm. To the delight of deRenzy, and conspiring with John and Flower, Peg arranged to keep a scene going until she had a real orgasm on film. When it was over deRenzy remarked "Juliet, that was excellent. You were right. Amazing!" and assured her that she’d have a long career in porn.

But Peg considered her first film a one shot deal. She was done. For her work on "Pretty Peaches" Peg received $200 for a 12-hour day.

But that night, according to Peg, a voice in her head told her that the porn was her destiny. And to be the best at the profession she’d have to study the entire sex industry, including prostitution, B&D, S&M, domination, erotic literature and art, stripping, reading, writing and viewing pornography.

While continuing to do feature films and loops (short sex scenes used for compilations) Peg also worked for deRenzy at his theatre, the Screening Room, doing live sex-shows with several other women, making $100 for a 5-hour shift, 3 days per week.

After "Pretty Peaches" Peg went on to work for Caballeora, producer of the "Swedish Erotica" series. It was here that she created the character "Aunt Peg".

At the height of her career Peg made $1500/day for a feature.

In 1984 Peg produced and directed the film "Educating Nina". On the advice of friends and colleagues she sold the distribution rights and allegedly Larry Carr of Atom Home Video collected all the proceeds and Peg received nothing.

Peg went on to produce and direct many other features, including "Ageless Desire" in 1998. At 63, Juliet Anderson had remade herself as a sex educator: "I teach people how to incorporate sexual and sensual feelings that they have, that are natural in their bodies, into their lives." Ageless Desire featured real, unscripted sexual encounters with couples over 50. Anderson and a friend are featured as one of the couples in the film.

Recently Anderson was inducted into the Porn Hall of Fame and auctioned off a cast of her breast for $100.

My Review of Aunt Peg, the actor:
As a fan of the older woman/younger man genre, Aunt Peg is one of my favourites. I’m not a fan of the Grandma stuff, so I mostly stick to the late 70’s early 80’s flicks. Most of the time "older woman" flicks feature fat, out of shape hags that are as sexy as Winston Churchill. But Peg is different. She looks like a MILF and best of all she’s got the attitude that works.

Reach Aunt Peg for autographed photos at:
Juliet Anderson
2124 Kittredge Street #103
Berkeley, CA 94701

Filmography (by no means complete):
8 to 4
Aunt Peg
Aunt Peg's Fulfillment
Bad Company
Co-Ed Fever
Coffee, Tea or Me
Dixie Ray Hollywood Star
Hot Lunch
Object of Desire
Outlaw Ladies #01
Reel People
Shoppe of Temptations
Taboo #01: Collector's Edition
Taboo #02: The Story Continues
Talk Dirty to Me #01
Vista Valley P.T.A.
8th Annual Erotic Films Awards
Aunt Peg Goes to Hollywood
Dixie Ray Hollywood Star
Educating Nina
Erotic Interlude
Erotic World of Angel Cash
Fantasex Island
Hot Lunch
Insatiable #02
Inside Desiree Cousteau
Madison is a Girl's Best Friend
Object of Desire
Raincoat Crowd
Rockin' with Seka
San Fernando Valley Girls
Summer in Heat
Swedish Erotica #01
Swedish Erotica #02
Swedish Erotica #03
Swedish Erotica #04
Swedish Erotica #06
Swedish Erotica #07
Swedish Erotica #09
Swedish Erotica #12

Some nice clips d/l’ed with Kazaa.

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