AWL is Albury/Wodonga LAN.

Albury/Wodonga LAN is a LAN Party.

LAN Parties are fun.

AWL is fun.

What is quite possibly Australia's most popular rural/regional LAN Party, with attendance levels reaching almost 100 people, AWL is run at Wodonga's Civic Centre on the first Saturday of each month.

It begins 2PM on Saturday and runs through until 8AM the next morning, as a rollercoaster ride of non-stop gaming, geeking, and caffeining, featuring pizza, computers, insanity, and a big helping of DivX. Sometimes a few game consoles and TVs also join the ride...

You are free to play whatever you want. The games played at AWL tends to change as the months pass, and you're likely to find a few people playing the latest greatest game of the month each month. Official tournament competitions are often run, however they have never been the main focus of the LAN. It's all about playing what you want, when you want, and the self-organisation anarchy has been very successful. Give the people what they want, and etc...

To attend, you need a working computer. There is no set minimum specification, basically something you're happy to play games with. The admin's of AWL are friendly, but they don't have the time to make your hardware/Windows install work. You'll also require a network card. A 10Mbits is adequate, but the network is always totally 100Mb and switched, so 100Mbit is recommended as you'll notice the difference. You should also bring a power board, as you are only provided one power socket. Network cabling is provided by AWL, so don't bother bringing your own as you will not be allowed to put it into the switches.

No speakers! With a room of 80 people trying to out-loud each other, the sound of gunfire mixed with mp3s gets bad quickly. Bring headphones...

You can also order pizzas though AWL. There is a huge pizza run, with pizzas being ordered in bulk and then delivered some time after 7pm Saturday. It shouldn't work, but it does! 50 pizzas, all under control...

All in all, a great way to waste a weekend. And you all know your computer wants to get out of the house sometime, so it's great opportunity for that...

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AWL is totally non-profit, and the entry fee is to cover the costs venue hire, with any profit that is made spent on equipment for the LAN.

Awl (?), n. [OE. aul, awel, al, AS. l, awel; akin to Icel. alr, OHG. ala, G. ahle, Lith. yla, Skr. ara.]

A pointed instrument for piercing small holes, as in leather or wood; used by shoemakers, saddlers, cabinetmakers, etc. The blade is differently shaped and pointed for different uses, as in the brad awl, saddler's awl, shoemaker's awl, etc.


© Webster 1913.

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