Leatherman® SUPERTOOL™


Size: 4.5 inches / 11.5 cm closed, 7 inches / 18 cm open

Mass: 9 ounces / 260 grams

More info: http://www.leatherman.com/

A Leatherman is a symbol of power.

Every self- respecting theatre techie owns one (or wishes he/she did).
My personal favorite is the Supertool because of its perfect size and locking blades. My Supertool has a black oxide finish, which makes it unique from most, since the majority of Leathermans are silver. It's incredibly satisfying to play with a Leatherman- in fact, once most people get their hands on one, they refuse to give it up. There's no other way to achieve the contentment one recieves when snapping a Leatherman shut on its hinge.

As for the power aspect, it's quite easy to get anyone to obey you if you simply remove your Leatherman from its belt holster, handling it almost like a gun, and steadily pull it open to reveal the pliers, keeping a sort of maniacal grin on your face throughout the entire process.

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