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Ayria (pronounced “air-e-uh”) is the electronic music project of Jennifer Parkin, based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ayria is known for its interesting mix of synthpop with the more severe EBM elements, creating a sound which is intense and edgy while remaining club friendly, which has proven to be irresistible to any fan of the synth-pop and industrial genres.

“The whole thing of Ayria is it’s all diverse. It’s aggression yet melody; it’s soft yet hard… it’s every world colliding into one.”
-Jennifer Parkin, 2007


Parkin started the project in early 2003 with the help of Shaun Frandsen, following her departure from Epsilon Minus. Parkin supplied vocals for the track “Letting Go” by Frandsen’s project Glis, and due to its success, the two continued working together, compiling an album. With the music done primarily by Frandsen and Parkin supplying the vocals, Ayria’s first album, Debris, was released in 2003 on the Belgian record label Alfa Matrix. Performances by Iris, Massiv in Mensch, and other popular EBM artists were also featured on the album. The album gained international recognition with many club hits, particularly with the track “Disease”.

“The inspiration for the lyrics comes from a thought or event. But the music comes from the mood to create.”
-Jennifer Parkin, 2007

Beginning in 2004, Parkin began working on her second album, “Flicker”. This time she wrote the music and lyrics herself, given that Frandsen was busy with his own music project. With production assistance from Joseph Byer of v01d and the new creative freedom, Parkin was able to produce a sound that was much more unique and diverse than on Debris. Fans and critics alike were delighted to find that the new album retained Parkin’s ability to be emotionally charged, while staying upbeat and fun, but at a new, sense tingling level.

Parkin began working on the third Ayria album in January of 2006, but due to extensive touring and other scheduling conflicts, the album has yet to be released. Parkin has stated in interviews that hopefully the currently nameless album will be released in early 2008, and that Seb from Icon of Coil/Zombie Girl is working on the production.


Immediately following the release of Debris, Ayria continued to draw attention with a series of mini tours throughout the United States and Canada. Ayria did a brief stint with Razed in Black and Glis on their 2003 tour. In 2004, Ayria toured throughout North America, as a supporting act for various artists, including Psyche, GASR and Regenerator. Occasionally, Mike Wimer of Noxious Emotion would be featured on drums.

Following the release of Flicker, Ayria began even more extensive touring, with more mini tours in the United States, Canada and Europe and appearing at many popular events such as The Alfa Matrix Festival and Dark Rave. Ayria toured with the popular darkwave band The Crüxshadows in early 2007, and joined Combichrist on their tour in August 2007. Ayria has also toured with the popular Australian industrial rock band Angelspit and Ego Likeness in later 2007 on the Electron Notion tour.



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