Not to be confused with the BFG 9000, this is a real weapon. Unfortunately, it appears the guy that built this thing has graduated (or quite possibly got expelled) from the University of Kansas and his webpage was subsequently removed, so what follows is from memory.

The BFPG 9000 (as most people familiar with Doom and Quake should be able to guess) stands for Big F*cking Potato Gun. This weapon was made from PVC pipe and used aerosol cans as propulsion, and was capably of firing potatoes at supersonic speeds. Shooting a watermelon with one of these things results in a healthy pink mist and some rinds.

It really is shame I can't locate a mirror of the page (Stuff the Warning Label Said Not To Do) as it had neat little charts showing how velocity is affected by different barrel lengths and PSI's and how to optimize your potato gun.
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