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British Satellite Broadcasting (BSB) was Britain's OFFICIAL satellite broadcaster from March to November 1990. Sky Television were not official until then. Famous for their square dishes, known as squarials & were 45 cm (17.7 in) compared with Sky's 60cm (23.6 in) dishes.

Actually had superior pictures & programming compared with Sky & even healthier advertising, but when Rupert Murdoch's had a 13 month head start on you there's not a lot you can do & since there was really only room for one satellite TV provider, the 2 companies merged to form BSkyB.

BSB had far higher costs tham Sky, largely due to the construction of their own headquarters & their own Satellites. Also, one executive had 3 cars-a chaffeur driven Jaguar, a Vauxhall for going around town in and a Land Rover for going to the country home. When the executive found out about the merger, he ordered the chaffeur to plunge the Jaguar into the River Thames. When a police officer asked why he did it & when he explained it was due to the merger, the police officer said "S@%! I've just bought a BSB receiver!"

Anyway, not much stayed from BSB after the merger, one channel & the initials is about it.

A BSB number can also stand for Bank State Branch number which identifies both the bank and branch of banks in Australia.
It's a six digit number and you need it in addition to your account number when filling out employment forms and to deposit money etc.

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