The term used to describe the general concept of any form of Backyard Wrestling, Backyard Wrestling Feds, or other miscellaneous forms of freelance entertainment. Although it is next to impossible to find the original creator of the term, it is known that WWF Superstar Mick Foley did participate in Backyard Wrestling during his pre-WWF or WCW days. It is unknown to the public whether other WWF or WCW athletes participated in the same activity.

Critics of this genre of entertainment claim that it promotes violence amongst teens can lead to real life, shoots between participants, and the foremost claim, that it will most certainly cause death or result in the participants being maimed.

As a backyard entertainer, I disagree with opponents' stances, obviously. It is in my opinion, that after 6 years of having what I would call 'kids having good clean fun', nothing more than parents way to find a scapegoat for a reason why their kid is a mutant. Backyard wrestling does not lead to a life of crime, a life of violence, or a maligned concept of the world. It simply gives something for bored teenagers to do, without resorting to drugs or alcohol.

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