Imagine the WWF crossed with The Bible, and you've got the CWF - the Christian Wresting Federation.

Watch Apocalypse, Jesus Freak, Angel, and the Beast battle it out in the name of God! Don't worry, as there are no buxom blondes to entertain the audience, just rough and tumble fake wrestling to be symbolic of destroying sin!

It does exist. Right now, they more or less restricted to north Texas, but they plan on expanding to the rest of the state. And it's got all the same (scripted) action as the other wrestling, without all the temptation!

I just opened this week's issue of the new Portland newspaper, The Mercury, and what did I spy? I picture of a guy in a satin Mexican wrestling mask!

Of course I had to read the article.

Apparently, in Texas (land of all things innovative), a new organization has arisen which goes from church to church getting sweaty in the name of the LORD while Christian rock music seethes through the crowd.

For a nominal donation, the Christian Wrestling Federation will come to your church or youth meeting and beat the holy spirit out of each other.

What would baby Jesus do?

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