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I'm not usually one to boast, but I believe that I may just have found the recipe to the perfect (in my opinion) Bacon and Egg Toasted Sandwich which has been perfected by my father and myself on many a Sunday morning when my mum is working.

The Equipment and Ingredients required are as follows

  1. A toaster with the facility to fit two slices of bread into one toasting hole(slot)
  2. Cooking Oil
  3. Something to cook on
  4. A pan
  5. A pair of "food scissors" (normal scissors will probably do as long as you are happy to cut food with them)
  6. An implement with which to flatten the bacon
  7. Two slices of white bread per person
  8. Two pieces of bacon per person
  9. One Egg per person
  10. HP (Brown) Sauce or Tomato Ketchup depending on individual taste preference

Unfortunately to create this perfect toasted sandwich deal you need to enable your multitasking subsystem, or find someone on the streets to help you. This complication also means that writing how to make this object of perfection is particularly difficult, but I shall try my best.

How to make perfection

  1. First put your pan onto your cooking implement, pour some cooking oil in, and switch the thing onto a reasonible temperature. Adjust the temp for your own preference to brown crispy juicy bacon, or undercooked bacon. Can you tell which one i prefer?
  2. Move quickly, we don't have much time. Grab your bacon and put it into your pan. Turn the bacon over every couple of minutes to make sure that both sides are equally cooked to perfection. As the bacon starts to very slightly "curl up" take your flattening tool and make sure the bacon is flat. This is very important to make sure that the proportions of food fit into the slices of bread perfectly
  3. Take two slices of bread and put them into the same toasting hole thing. This is to ensure that on one side of each piece of bread it is toasted, while on the other side it is the same as normal white bread. The reason for this is so that the bread soaks up all the egg yolk, the HP/Tomato sauce, and the juices from the bacon. Thus reducing the amount of mess made while eating the sandwich and also meaning you get all the taste. Gorgeous
  4. After a while he bacon should start to get nicely crisp now, move it to the side of the pan and break that egg. When you break the egg make sure that it doesn't spead out too much, so that none of the egg will stick out from the sandwich.
  5. Remove the, nicely toasted, bread out of your toaster and place on a plate, with the untoasted side facing upwards.
  6. Take the bacon and cut it up into smaller pieces spreading them over one of the pieces of half-toasted bread. The reason for this is to make the sandwich as easy to eat as possible, so you don't have to tear through any annoying piece of bacon.
  7. Turn the egg over to ensure yoke is cooked (no salmonella here please), wait about 20-30 seconds, then put the egg on the bacon. Squeeze the sauce of your choice on top of the egg, take a knife and puncture the egg so the yoke runs out slowly, spread it out all over the egg.
  8. Place the other piece of bread ontop of the egg and push down gently to aid the sauces absorbtion into the bread.
  9. Cut the sandwich in half (not diagonally) and finally, enjoy

Congratulations, I hope you enjoy your Toasted Sandwich as much as I did

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