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In the history of cricket, there has never been a bigger humiliation on the field than the Ball From Hell.

The scene: June 4th 1993, Old Trafford. The first Test match that Shane Warne has ever played against England. Veteran batsman Mike Gatting has made four runs, off a single boundary. The score is 1-80. Warne is passed the ball, and he faces Gatting.

Warne's first ball in an Ashes Test match clean bowls Gatting, with the ball biting into the turf, turning a long way, and slipping between Gatting's legs as he is deceived by the ball, which was not expected to turn as much as it did. Warne then went on to claim three more wickets in the innings, including that of Graham Gooch, another recognised batsman from the English team. It sets up a 179-run victory.

The aftermath: Hella publicity. 'Nuff zed.

The Ball From Hell is also known variously as The Ball Of The Century, the Gatting Ball, or simply "That Ball". Many memorable quotes have been made about the Ball, many about Gatting's famous rotundity: even from his own captain, quotes such as "He (Gatting) looked as though someone had just nicked his lunch".

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