Look to me, Kinsey, my dear, I created this Cult so you’d have no fear. I’m directing your life whether you like it or not, so Kinsey my dear don’t fear. Don’t fear.

Don’t fear that I’ve locked you into this little box. There are others like it, so many others, you’ll never be alone. There’s that hole for talking and you can talk to your neighbors. They don’t remember their names like you do, but that’s because they’re not special like you. They don’t remember their friends or their homes, but they remember you, because you’re special.

Special because I’ve got a special plan, just for you, Kinsey, my dear. Just for you because you were the last, the last one in your little box in this little row.

This little row goes on and on, because my Cult is so strong and we need good strong people like you in boxes because we need good strong people to rule the world.

The world needs to be ruled, my dear, ruled by us. If it were not ruled, my dear, then others would rule and they would win. You and I, because we’re special, know that we can’t let them rule it. And we both know who we’re talking about.

The Banana-Anna Boys. They don’t keep people in boxes. They don’t keep people in with locks! They are dirt heathen scoundrels who rule the country side! They bring people to them in droves. They break down all our tree groves. They dislike our apples and onions you see. They dislike our freedoms and killer fleece!

So, Kinsey, my dear, that is why you’re so very special. It is because it is you alone who can stop the menace of the Banana-Anna Boys.

You have guns grafted to your face. You have guns grafted to your chest. You have guns grafted to your eyes. If you can’t take them out, my dear….!

Well. But how I go on. The time is almost here. The time is almost now. So get yourself into awful shape inside this little box of yours. Soon we’ll drain the fluid. Soon we’ll disconnect the electrodes. Soon you’ll run across the grasslands grafting bullets into the Banana-Anna Boys’s faces. Soon.


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