It’s the edges you notice first. Maybe it is a place where the wind comes in, or maybe a crack in the floor where you can hear that strange whistling. Whatever it is, your next course of action is clear.

Cover up all the cracks you can. Block the door. Do not open the door. And watch those edges; the corners you might have missed because furniture is in the way. Check behind the stove, around the cabinets. Pay attention to the roaches. If they go, you’re probably next.

Plug the chimney. Duct tape the windows. Draw all the blinds. Seal the mail slot. Don’t answer the telephone.

Close the bedroom door.

Stay awake at night. Stay in bed. Do not get a snack. Keep away from the floor. Stay under the blankets. Curl up into a ball.

Keep your teeth together and close your eyes. Count your heart beats and try not to breathe.

Don’t think about anything.

Fear the cold.

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