Young folks, old folks, everybody come,
Join the Baptist Sunday School, you'll have lots of fun.
Please check your chewin' gum and razors at the door,
and you'll hear lots of Bible stories you never heard before.

Adam was the first man that ever was invented.
He lived all alone, and he never was contented,
Made him out of mud, in the days gone by,
and they hung him on a fence, in the sun, to dry.

Then came Eve, and they had a great battle,
He chased her up a tree, and she knocked down an apple.
Knocked down two and they each took one,
and ever since then, the trouble has begun.

Along came Noah, stumlbin' in the dark.
He found himself a hammer, and he built himself an Ark.
In came the animals, two-by-two,
a hip-johnarena, and a kick-kangaroo.

In came an elephant, and in came a bear,
in came a baboon, without any hair.
For forty days and forty nights, they sailed upon the pond,
and they kicked the lioness out, because she was a blonde.

Esau was a farmer, of crude and hairy make.
Father left a farm to him, and half to brother Jake.
When they found the title to the deed, it wasn't clear,
so they traded it to Jonah, for a pretzel and a beer.

Jonah was an immigrant, as slim as any rail.
He came across the ocean on a transatlantic whale.
Once inside the belly of the whale, he became oppressed,
but he just pressed a button, and the whale did the rest.

Joseph had a coat of many colors which he wore.
His brothers hadn't any, and it made 'em kind of sore.
Took him up to Egypt for to take him on a tour,
When they got him up to Egypt, they just dumped him in a sewer.

Well, good folks, I've done you all the dope.
Sure has done you lots of good, at least that's what we hope.
Methuselah wrote these words, when he was but a youth,
and he got 'em from the old boy, and every word's the truth.

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