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A 1970's television series shown on CBS. The series starred Buddy Ebsen, Lee Meriwether, and Mark Shera and produced by Quinn Martin.

Barnaby Jones was one of the nearly cookie cutter detective shows that reigned the airwaves in the 1970's. Starring Buddy Ebsen in the title role, the show began in 1971 and lasted eight seasons. Originally intended to be spawned by the immensely popular Cannon starring William Conrad, the show instead had Conrad appear as Frank Cannon in its first episode.

The premise of the show involved a former police investigator and forensic expert who retired from his successful private investigation firm to raise horses on his ranch. Leaving the business to his son Hal, Barnaby enjoyed four years of retirement until his son was killed during the course of an investigation. Coming out of retirement to aid his daughter-in-law Betty (former Miss America Lee Meriwether) in catching his son's killer, Barnaby continues to take cases after the case is solved. Mark Shera joined the cast as J.R. Jones (short for Jedediah Romano, if you can believe it) during its fifth season. The younger Jones was brought in to handle the action in the series and to give a shot of life into an otherwise older cast.

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