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Also known as an Impossible Kasper. This is a very hard flatland skateboarding trick. You must know how to do Kaspers and Barrel Flips. It is also prefferable to know how to do Half-Flip Kaspers and Impossibles.

Start out at a high speed. You will need to know how to ollie well because you need quite a lot of height to pull this off. It is easier to learn this off a drop. Ollie, and shove down on the board as you do in an Impossible\Barrel Flip. As it makes its flip, catch it with your back foot on the tail with the underside up. Put your front foot near the front truck on the griptape side.

When you land you will hit the concrete at a high speed on a side of the board that is not meant to hit the concrete at a high speed, hence you will be left shaken, you will not land this your first couple of tries. You want to land it as quick as you can, because at this speed you slide and grind away at your board. When you are ready to get out of the Kasper jump, but do not flip it like you would for any other Kasper. Pull up with your front foot and down with your back foot to spin it into another Barrel Flip. Once it comes back around catch it and ride off, you are now riding at a high speed so be careful.

Note: Barrel Flip Nose Kaspers are possible, though they are far harder than any other form of Nose Kaspers.

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