A somewhat yummy breakfast cereal, with a name cringeworthy enough you'd think it was an product from the show (Bubble-crum, anyone?) and not actually real. But it is.

Made by Kellogg's, Bart Simpson's No Problem-Os consists of frosted oat Os and little dry chocolate-flavoured cookie bits, upon which is imprinted, in a microscopic amount of icing, the face of a Simpsons character.

To be honest, the cereal isn't anything much to write home about, it's nice and stays pretty crunchy in milk, but there's nothing particularly Simpsony or innovative about it... it certainly isn't as good as Pokémon cereal. It doesn't really taste of much either, and is overwhelmed by the milk, meaning it's probably best munched straight from the box.

It smells of a cynical cash-in on the gradually waning popularity of the show. A better cereal would have involved marshmallows, as is often seen in the show ("Damn FDA, can't it all be marshmallows?").

Not as good as the other Simpsons-based food, especially the D'oh-nut or the lovely nachos and chili.

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