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For all those thirtymumble-year-old Brits like myself, I have some good news: it's been announced today that Basil will be making a comeback. According to the BBC Online website Basil Brush will be getting his own sitcom after Talent Television bought the rights for £2.3 million.

They also quote a couple of interesting factoids about the manic puppet: he was created in 1963 by a BBC floor manager, who envisaged him as merely a sidekick for a puppet hedgehog, Spike McPike (who?). His popularity ensured that within 5 years he had his own TV show which was broadcast in 14 countries and at its peak attracted audiences of 13 million. However like many things to do with the 1970s he was rejected in the brave new world of the 80s and he was retired in 1981.

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