Or, more accurately, the demographics of the members of the team which was the focus of that show. To refresh your memory, their names were Mark, Jason, "Tiny," Keyop and Princess. The proper way to refer to the roles these characters fill would be (read it aloud with cadence for the full effect):

The Leader, The Rebel, The Fat Guy, The Shrimp, and the Girl.

Say it again. Be sure to space out the syllables when you do.


This is the perfect anime (and cartoon in general) team composition. There are a couple of other cartoons that use this too, but for the most part different cartoon teams deviate slightly from the template. They don't often deviate too far, however, because then people would not be able to recognize it as a team. The leader is there because there has to be a leader. The rebel exists because leadership conflicts are great for dramatic tension, but if everyone rebelled it wouldn't be a team. The fat guy is there for comic relief. Then, the shrimp is there for comic relief. And there's always a girl, because if there wasn't a girl, then there would not be a girl. (Sometimes, the girl is a guy, or a guy is the girl. In anime, it is not always easy to tell by looking. Sometimes, everyone is the girl.)

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