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From The Thorough Good Cook
Soups: 1. Beef Broth (Pot-au-Feu)

(The Foundation of Flesh Cookery)
BEEF, which should always be chosen fresh-killed, makes. the best "pot-au-feu " or broth. Veal is not so good, except in cases of sickness, as it is of' a pale colour and weakens. the broth. The same may be said of poultry. Pork broth is only useful in the making of split-pea soup. Put your meat into cold water, and set the pot upon a good fire ; salt and skin it carefully. When the scum is. entirely removed, put in carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, parsley,. a bay-leaf, a burnt onion, and simmer-ah! so gently-until the meat is quite done ; and you will have an excellent and wholesome beef soup. Next to the quantity and the quality- of the meat, that which contributes most to the making of' good broth is to take care that it cooks over a slow fire, with- out ceasing one minute. Six hours' simmering is sufficient to make a good soup, but a longer period is better. The pro- portion is three pounds of meat to four quarts of water.

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