This makes me mellow.
Slipping from truth,
but ecstasy with each swallow.
My brain yearns for freedom,
my heart yearns for love.
somebody wipe off this flea infested dove.
Things come once in a while.

Well, good
Women and men
White and black brown yellow red and whatever in between
Do not differ
High low classes
Gays and lesbians
Website owners
Serial Killers
Highly psychic people
Heavenly gods goddesses jesus
They are all potential buddhas
Who love to float on a boat
And keep on acting
People won't understand me
So difficult to teach them
Too tainted nowadays
I tell you kiss on their cheeks won't work
Quitting my virgin mary, boddhisava job leaving soon

Everyone wear your transparent smile.
Words are just something a person can say.
Everyone concludes their individual way.
May the god of your makebelieve,
blow your own way.
Words are manmade,
manifested in yourself,
Everybody is lost,
in theirselves.
Thieves of the soul,
are abundant

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