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Beer Sheva (which roughly translates as Hebrew for 'The Well of Seven') is one of the most populated cities in Israel. Its current population is 133,000.

Located in the southern part of Israel about 110km south of Tel Aviv, the city is sometimes referred to as the Capital of the Negev desert.

Beer Sheva is a sister city to Seattle.


Beer Sheva is the fourth largest city in Israel, right after Jerosalem, Tel aviv and Haifa.
Beer Sheva has a long history and it is even mentioned in the bible.
The origin of the name is the seven wells Abraham made, or the well where Abraham took an Oath (The word oath in Hebrew sounds like sheva).

Beer Sheva has one of the largest universities in Israel (The Ben Gurion university) and also home to the biggest Hospital in Israel (Soroka hospital).

Beer Sheva and Seattle are sister cities.
Beer Sheva garden in Seattle is much prettier then Seattle garden in Beer Sheva.

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