My girlfriend is named Michal, and when people hear "Michal" they think I'm talking about a guy. So it becomes tiringly amusing explaining to third parties who are not-in-the-know that Michal is not in fact my boyfriend, but my girlfriend.

Not that I'd mind being gay (er.... hold on!), although some people might. I mean so many people love to have a gay friend to look after and cry with etc. etc., I could generalise and say that gay people are heavily in demand as collectible friends in young urban society. Indeed when I say things like "I got Mike to give me a massage today" or finish a phonecall long the lines of "Love you too Mickey-baby" I almost feel like lying and confessing to be gay in order not to disappoint the puppy eyes of my more ultra-liberal new friends.

With my not so enlightened associates, I say the word "girlfriend" a lot more than is usual.

Just to be on the safe side.

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