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(ben hay' dad) HEBREW: BEN-HADAD
"son of (the god) Hadad"

Ben-hadad was the name of two or possibly three kings of Syria. The second of that name ruled in Damascus for some 20 years, starting about 860 B.C., and made Syria the region's dominant power by playing off the small rival kingdoms of Judah and Israel against each other. But when Ben-hadad tried to force King Ahab of Israel to join an alliance against the Assyrians, the Israelite defeated him in battle and even captured Ben-hadad himself. Ahab spared his opponent's life but forced Ben-hadad to return captured cities and grant commercial concessions to Israel. Although it is disputed, some scholars think it was also the second Ben-hadad who sent his court official Hazael to request a cure of Elisha. Told by the prophet that he would soon rule Syria, Hazael murdered the king on his return.

{E2 Dictionary of Biblical People}

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