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{Old Testament History}

Between the Testaments - The Hellenistic Period
Alexander the Great was an apostle of Hellenism. His teacher, Aristotle, helped Alexander appreciate the literature and cultural institutions of Greece. A conqueror and empire-builder often has little time for the "finer" things. But this was not so with Alexander. Convinced of the superiority of Greek institutions, Alexander spread Hellenism so effectively that it continued to be the dominant pattern of life long after his death and the disintegration of his kingdom.

The Dead Sea Scrolls have done much to quicken an interest in the literature of the Jews during the inter-Testament period. It is the purpose of this section on Old Testament History to outline the broader background necessary for the appraisal of those movements which immediately precede the days of the New Testament, the advent of the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

- Alexander, the Apostle of Hellenism
- The Jews Under the Ptolemies
- The Jews Under the Seleucids
- The Impact of Hellenism on the Jews
- The Maccabees and the Struggle Against Hellenism
- The Hasmonean Dynasty, Growth and Decay
- The Romans Take Over
- The Origin of the Jewish Sects
- Rise of Apocalyptic Literature


334-323  Alexander the Great conquers the East.
  330    Macedonian conquest of Palestine.
  311    Seleucus conquers Babylon.
         Beginning of the Seleucid dynasty.
223-187  Antiochus (III) the Great, seleucid ruler of Syria.
  202    Rome defeats Carthage at Zama.
  198    Antiochus III defeats Egypt, gains control of Palestine.
175-163  Antiochus (IV) Epiphanes rules Syria-Palestine.
         Proscribes Judaism.
         Persecution of the orthodox Jews.
  168    Battle of Pydna.
         Romans defeat the Macedonians.
  167    Mattathias and his sons rebel against the Syrians.
         Beginning of the Maccabean Revolt.
166-160  Leadership of Judas Maccabaeus.
160-142  Jonathan, High Priest.
  146    Scipio Africanus destroys Carthage.
         Rome controls western Mediterranean.
142-135  Simon, High Priest.
134-104  John Hyrcanus, son of Simon, High Priest and King.
  103    Aristobulus.
102- 76  Alexander Jannaeus.
 75- 67  Salome Alexandra ruler;
         Hyrcanus II High Priest.
 66- 63  Aristobulus II.
         Dynastic battle with Hyrcanus II.
   63    Pompey invades Palestine.
         Roman rule begins.
 63- 40  Hyrcanus II rules, subject to Rome.
         Antipater exercises increasing power.
 40- 37  Parthians conquer Jerusalem.
         Establish Aristobulus II as High Priest and King.
 37-  4  Herod the Great, son of Antipater, rules as king, subject to Rome.
   31    Battle of Actium.
         Octavian emerges as ruler of the Roman world.

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{Old Testament History}

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