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"Nebuchadnezzar" is a large unit of volume of champagne.

The Nebuchadnezzar is a 15 liter champagne bottle. (That's equivalent to 20 typical 750ml bottles!)

Also a name for a traditional game in which the host, possessed of a wide variety of flavoured or infused vodkas, leaves the room whilst the guests decide upon a word (such as "Nebuchadnezzar" for a difficult example) and pour a glass with a drop from each bottle of vodka whose flavour's initial corresponds to a letter in the word (such as nutmeg, elderberry, blueberry, unripe tomato, lemon, cherry, hyssop, apple, damson, zubrovka, raspberry) and the host, upon his or her return, would taste the concoction and attempt to decipher the word, by recognising the flavours therein.

Nebuchadnezzar I, King of Babylonian Empire from 1125 BC to 1104 BC, descended from Pashe Dynasty, also known as second Isin Dynasty. His dynasty held the throne until 1010 BC. Nebuchadnezzar I major accomplishment was uniting Babylonian lands by expelling the Elamite invaders. After establishing his empire’s borders, Babylon was in a perpetual conflict with the Assyrians.

Nebuchadnezzar II, reigned from 605 BC – 562 BC, descended from the Chaldean Dynasty. His fame is best known for his conquest of Judah and Jerusalem, his enormous buildings in the capital of Babylon, his position in the Book of Daniel, and his construction of the Hanging Gardens, according to legend, was built for his homesick wife.

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