Formerly the piss boy of Skinny Puppy, now the core component of the successful techno-industrial act Front Line Assembly. Think Crocodile Dundee with a rivetclone haircut and a severe cock rock complex. Very talented musician, also a complete dork.

Bill Leeb, while he has been (still is?) a driving force in industrial music, he is a prick. Oh, he is also lives in Canada, coincidence or correlation? You decide.

In an interview with Industrial natioN he stated that he doesn't care about his fans or the scene he helped spawn. Also if people want to give him money for his medium, that's fine with him. This could of course be 'I'm an industrial kinda guy, piss off to all you' attitude that he is fronting for the media. Leeb's rock star demeanor at his shows doesn't help. Either way, Bill Leeb, you feeb.

Bill Leeb has been part of such innovative groups as Skinny Puppy, Delerium, Front Line Assembly, and Noise Unit. Unfortunately good talent doesn't make you a good person.

Bill Leeb is one of the most prolific people in electronic music to date. He has mastered a number of different styles under various pseudonyms and has been one of the most consistent producers of quality electronic music in the last decade and a half. No matter what genre of electronic music you're into, Bill Leeb has been there. Here is a complete listing of the groups he has been involved with:

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