Delerium album, published 1994.

Track Listing:

(1) Flowers Become Screens (07:55)
(2) Metaphor (07:47)
(3) Resurrection (09:26)
(4) Incantation (06:21)
(5) Consensual Worlds (10:08)
(6) Metamorphosis (08:26)
(7) Flatlands (07:12)
(8) Sensorium (12:07)
(9) Gateway (08:09)

Ambient and rhythmic auditory sculpture - Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber
Sonic Architecture - Greg Reely
Angelic Vocals - Kristy Thirsk
Sonic Realization - Cryogenic studio, Vancouver B.C.
Mastering - Brian Gardner at Bernie Grundmann's, Hollywood, Ca.
Visual Interpretation - Technografix
Special Thanks to Ric Arboit, Anne Marie Damjanovic, Andrew Vadjnia, Michael Johnson, and all at Nettwerk

Manufactured and Marketed by Nettwerk Productions, Box 330-1755 Robson St., Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6G 3B7. Tel: (604) 654-2929 Fax: (604) 654-1993 E-Mail: For more information contact the above address or contact the Nettwerk Electronic BBS at (604) 731-7007. (P) and (C) Nettwerk Productions. Made in Canada. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, copying, and rental of this recording is this recording is prohibited by law.

Nettwerk W2-30092

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