Front Line Assembly song and single, from Tactical Neural Implant album, received MTV 1992 Music Award for best Independent Video. This is their most known song.

The track itself is built on top of approximately 130 bpm 4/4 beat (simple loop a bit offbeat on top of drum machine kick and hihat pattern), with some energetic synth leads and EBM-basslines in typical FLA-style and Bill singing about death and machines, and how the machines have taken over the control from humans; typical cyberpunk-ish story, somewhat reminiscent of Terminator -movies. There's also plenty of samples all over the track that are easily recognisable:

- "Jesus had days like this"
- "Cyborgs - Cybernetic organisms..."
- "Machines with living human tissue and programmed to destroy"
- "A quantum leap forward"
- "Full OCP Binary Cyborg Technology"
- "Commanded by unique combination of Software and Organic Systems" (only in 12" version)
- "State of the art destructive capabilites"

Samples are taken from Robocop -movies.

Release-info and tracklist:
CD5 Third Mind TM 2402 3 (UK)
12" Third Mind TM 2402 6 (UK)

1. Mindphaser (12" Version) 06:33
2. Mindphaser (Edited Version) 04:30
3. Toxic 06:02
4. Mutilate 05:42

All titles written and produced by Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber. Engineering and additional production by Greg Reely.

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