The theory that industrial supergroup Pigface is the veritable epicenter of the entire music business. Essentially, the members of Pigface are come from so many different musical backgrounds that one can link any musician, living or dead to Martin Atkins, Pigface's founder and leader, through no more than 6 projects, songs, albums, or tours. This theory is based heavily upon the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon (aka The Kevin Bacon Game) which, in turn is based upon the general theory of the 6 degrees of separation.

Example 1:
1. The Rolling Stones recorded a song, called "The Last Time", which was symphonically rearranged and sampled by the UK band The Verve and placed into their tune "Bittersweet Symphony".
2. The producer for that track was Youth.
3. Youth played bass and produced tracks for Killing Joke.
4. Killing Joke in the 90's had a drummer named Martin Atkins.
5. Martin Atkins is the founder of Pigface. Huzzah!

Example 2:
1. Sarah McLachlan recorded "Silence" with Bill Leeb's ambient dance project Delerium.
2. Bill Leeb played keyboards for Skinny Puppy.
3. Ogre, Skinny Puppy's frontman, sang with Pigface.

Example 3: (slightly more ambitious)
1. Country legend George Jones was married to Tammy Wynette
2. Tammy Wynette recorded "Justified and Ancient" with the KLF.
3. The KLF's Jimmy Cauty worked with Dr. Alex Patterson as The Orb
4. The Orb remixed tracks by The Damage Manual
5. The Damage Manual's drummer is Martin Atkins
6. Martin Atkins is the founder of Pigface.

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