It is well known that in many video games, you have to fight off armies of evil ninjas. These ninjas, while usually of the most devious intentions, often haven't been properly trained in the ways of the martial arts, unlike your main character, who's been trained just about half as much as the average boss character.

Now, in days of yore, ninjas would blink 5 times and then disppear forever. Lately, they've begun to fade away, or, if they're robot ninjas, explode.The reason for this strange occurence isn't exactly clear to me, but it has a twilight zone-esque feel to it, in that it hearkens to the movie Star Wars, where Obi Wan disappears from the impending saber stroke that would have killed him. In fact, all Jedi seemed to be able to do this, if they were sure their death was imminent, and they accepted this, then they could disappear at the moment of their deaths, and then reappear wherever and whenever they wanted to.

Now that's the part that creeps me out. If all the red shirt wearing ninjas blinked away instead of dying when I fought them, might they all be waiting for me at the end of my own life? Or when I get my next ninja fighting game? Or, and it makes me shiver... are they waiting for me to go to sleep?

I don't want to think about it.

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