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Three days ago, I never thought it possible.

Now, however, I see the light.

In the tradition of their forefathers, the illustrious shadow warriors of yore, ninjas, in outer space, doing massive amounts of intricate and deadly kung-fu, with a variety of styles and advanced technological weaponry, have descended.

Two days ago I wouldn't have believed it.

They lowered themselves as silently as the night creeps up on the day, onto my farm, and stole, without snapping a twig, without disturbing a blade of friggin' grass, everything I hold dear. They took my bread, and eggs, my horses and goats. They took my cows, my breadmaker, and my little sister.

Yesterday, I couldn't have understood.

I take a look around me and notice that most of what I enjoyed is gone. After robbing the place blind, they proceeded to raze my domocile, and burn it to the ground. I called the fire department, but a couple of hoses and an impotent siren that missed the inception of the inferno that would afterwards be known as my former home, didn't have a whole lot that they could do to make things right again.

Today... I know the meaning of the word pain.

Well, maybe loss, more than pain... But besides losing a close member of my nuclear family... I've lost my house, my job, my cat, my pastimes... Worst of all, despite the fact that I'm depressed, yet rational...

All the people around me are convinced that I've lost my sanity. Just because I believe in them...

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