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This is a short description of Strength skills in the board game Blood Bowl. For the whole list, see Blood Bowl Skill List.

Break Tackle

A player with this skill can use his Strength score instead of Agility score when making Dodge rolls.


This skill allows a player to assist in offence or defence even if another opposing player is in his Tackle Zone.

Mighty Blow

Adds +1 to Armour and Injury Rolls. This skill may not be used by a player with a Strength of 2 or less.

Multiple Block

A player with this skill may block several adjacent opponent players at the same time, if they are also next to each other. Their Strength scores are added, and they are both affected by the result of the Block Dice. Assists are counted normally.

Piling On

This skill can be used if the player knocks over an opposing player. The player throws himself over the victim, adding his Strength to the Armour Roll. The player using the skill is knocked over as well (in his own square), but does not need an Armour Roll (his fall is cushioned...). Using this skill does not cause a turnover unless the player piling on was holding the ball.

Stand Firm

A player with this skill is never pushed back, even when getting knocked over (he will fall down in his own square). In addition, he is not knocked over by failing a Dodge roll, though his turn does end. It will not cause a turnover.

Throw Team Mate

A player with this skill may throw a friendly player with Right Stuff. It can only be used by players with a Strength of 6 or more.

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