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This is a short description of Agility skills in the board game Blood Bowl. For the whole list, see Blood Bowl Skill List.


A player with this skill can re-roll a failed catch attempt. The skill also allows re-rolls of failed hand-overs or interception attempts.

Diving Catch

A player with this skill can dive for the ball to catch it. This can be done if the ball was passed to the player inaccurately. After the ball has deviated, but before it hits the ground, the player is allowed a free move of one square. No Dodge rolls will be necessary. If this move takes the player to the square the ball will land in, the player may attempt to Catch it. Note that the player is not knocked over when using this skill, as it is assumed the dive is controlled and the player will be on his feet again immediately afterwards.

Diving Tackle

A player with this skill may interrupt the opposing coach's turn by throwing a block at an opposing player entering his Tackle Zone. The block is treated normally, with normal assists. If the moving player is pushed back or knocked over, he must end his turn immediately. This does not cause a turnover unless the moving player was holding and dropped the ball.

This skill can only be used once per team turn.

Personal note: I give my Black Orcs this skill as soon as I'm allowed to pick an agility skill (by rolling a double)!


Whenever a player leaves an opposing player's Tackle Zone, he must make a Dodge roll. The roll is a +1 agility roll, with a -1 modifier for each enemy Tackle Zone the player dodges into.

Having the skill gives the player a free re-roll if he fails a Dodge roll. It can only be used once per team turn. In addition, the Dodge skill turns one result on the Block Dice from a knockover to a pushback.

Jump Up

A player with this skill can stand up from a prone position for free at the start of any action. He does not have to pay the normal three movement points. Since no movement has been spent, the player may perform a block without using the team's Blitz action.


A player with this skill can jump over other players. Performing a leap costs two movement points. The coach moves the player up to two squares, the first of which can be occupied by a knocked over or standing player from either team. An agility roll must be made, with no modifiers.

If successful, the player may continue moving, and may leap again if he has enough remaining movement. If the player failes, he is knocked over in the square he is leaping to, and the opposing coach may make an Armour roll to see if he is injured. Failing a leap is an automatic turnover.

Right Stuff

A player with this skill can be thrown by another friendly player with the Throw Team Mate skill. The skill can only be used by players with a Strength of 2 or less.

Side Step

A player with this skill may sidestep enemy block attempts. When being pushed back, the controlling coach may choose where to be pushed to. In addition, the player can move to any adjacent square, not just the three away from the blocking player.

Note that this skill can be used whether or not the player is knocked over after the pushback.


A player with this skill may attempt Going for it three times instead of two, thus increasing the number of squares allowed to move from two to three. The coach must still roll to see whether the player falls over in each extra square moved after Movement Allowance.

Sure Feet

A player with this skill may re-roll the die when failing a Going For It attempt.

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