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This is a short description of Physical skills in the board game Blood Bowl. They have in common that they represent physical attributes in the person with the skill. For the whole list of skills, see Blood Bowl Skill List.

Big Hand

A player with a Big Hand will pick up the ball on a 2+ on a d6 with no modifiers.

Hypnotic Gaze

Hypnotic Gaze can be used once each friendly team turn, at any time in the turn. It is a free action that won't interfere with any other action or skill. The Gaze can be directed at one adjacent, opposing player. The coach rolls a d6. If the score is higher than the opposing player's Agility, that player loses his Tackle Zone for the rest of the turn. Otherwise, the Gaze had no effect.


A player with this skill is so small that he runs between the other players' legs. He may ignore Tackle Zones when making Dodge Rolls. This skill does not work if the player is carrying a secret weapon (like a Pogo Stick or Chainsaw).


Claw adds +2 to Armour Rolls made by the player.

Prehensile Tail

Opposing players takes a -1 penalty when Dodging out of this player's Tackle Zone.


In order to leave the Tackle Zone of a player with tentacles, an opposing player must roll less than his own Strength on a d6. If the roll is equal to or higher than his Strength, the player cannot move, but can Block, Pass or Catch the ball as normal.

Extra Arms

One or more Extra Arms add +1 to Catch Rolls.

Razor Sharp Fangs

This player adds +2 to all Injury Rolls he makes.

Thick Skull

Roll a d6 if a player with Thick Skull is KO'd. On a roll of 4 or more, the result is treated like a Stunned instead.

Foul Appearance

Any opposing player within 3 squares of a player with Foul Appearance must take a penalty of -1 for Catching or Passing the ball. In addition, anyone who wishes to Block a player with this skill must first roll 2+ on a d6. If a 1 is rolled, the player is too disgusted, and the action is wasted. This does not cause a turnover.


A player with this skill cannot easily be killed or injured. Treat any Injury result as normal when it is rolled. If the player is sent to the Dead and Injured Players Box, then roll a d6 for the player before the next kick off (or at the end of the match]). Only on a result of 1 will the injury take effect, all other results place the player in the Reserves Box. Regeneration does not affect Star Player Points gained for the casualty.

Note for leagues: In a league, the roll needed to regenerate could be increased to a 4+ to balance things out.

Two Heads

A player with Two Heads adds +1 to all Dodge rolls.


Horns give a player +1 Strength when Blitzing, if the layer has moved at least one square before the Blitz.


Add +1 to the player's Armour Value.

Very Long Legs

A player with Very Long Legs can add +1 to his Movement Allowance. In addition, he can add +1 to all interception rolls.

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